Sunday 28th August (download)
Dennis Graham Parker, 28/08/2016
sunday 21st august (download)
melvyn naidoo, 21/08/2016
sunday 14th august (download)
Dennis Graham Parker,
Disregarded, Hated, Hunted & Honoured (download)
Dennis Graham Parker, 07/08/2016

About Us

Liberty Church Kent is part of a church family spread across South Africa, USA, India and the UK.  We are in Kent because we love ENGLAND and want to be a part of what God is doing in this nation.

"Why have another church?" Good question! Some people feel happy going to a catholic setting, others methodist , some baptist, so this will now give a pentecostal choice to the villages too. Many people prefer Cafe Nero, to Starbucks after all! Our aim is to serve all the villages that surround us and beyond - so we can make a difference in Kent.

Community Help - We are committed to serving our local community in whatever way we can.

Marriage - we run the "Laugh your way to a healthy marriage" course.  Contact us for more details.

Sundays - we meet at 10am at the BOROUGH GREEN VILLAGE HALL each Sunday. Our service is not very long so why not join us for coffee at the end of the service if you cannot make the start?